My Background


I trained as a luthier in 2011 at the Totnes School of Guitar-Making in Devon, under the expert guidance  of Phil Messer. I now design and make classical and flamenco guitars at my workshop in West Cornwall.

I love what I do and am committed to producing instruments of the highest quality, in sound and playability, in looks and in build-quality and finish. My designs are based upon the work of established master-builders but have evolved as a result of my own experience and research.

I am always looking to improve my designs and am very interested in trying new materials and techniques. My instruments are entirely hand-made with only a minimal use of power tools and each one takes around three months to complete.

All my guitars are unique (no two rosettes are alike) and are built from the highest quality materials.  

I hold one or two instruments in stock and am also happy to accept commissions and to work with customers both during and after making to ensure that the instrument is perfectly suited to playing needs and preferences. 

As well as selling instruments in the UK, I am able to arrange sales and shipping worldwide. Please contact me for details.