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Guitarists' views and experiences...


.“Martin Douglas is a real artist who lovingly creates aesthetically delightful instruments, and considers every aspect of his guitar-making with care. Each guitar is incredibly responsive and tonally delicious. I thoroughly enjoy playing guitars built by this brilliant new maker.” 

Ben Salfield, Truro, Cornwall



."A gorgeous sounding guitar, with that real passionate tone of a true Flamenco. An absolute delight to play and also to look at!"

Mark Barnwell, Porthwrinkle, Cornwall



"Just to let you know that I know I have got a fantastic instrument. Have been playing it every day and I am very impressed with the tone/sound that it produces - really well suited to the South American/Latin music that I am playing."

Stephen Worden, Bolton, Greater Manchester


 "The guitar is very responsive with a beautiful tone..." 

Nicola Jappelli (Jappelli/Staffini Guitar Duo)


"Very beautiful, fantastic...."

Matteo Staffini (Jappelli/Staffini Guitar Duo)


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