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Recent and current projects include a classical guitar in Red Cedar and walnut, my own take on a small Torres guitar from 1888 and a collaborative experimental guitar project.

This 650mm scale length classical guitar is made from Western Red Cedar and a beautiful figured English walnut back and sides.

It has an ebony fingerboard and Indian rosewood bridge and armrest. The rosette is unique to this instrument and the pattern is echoed in the tie-block decoration.

As you might expect from this combination of woods, it has a warm, powerful and well-balanced tone.


This is my version of an 1888 Torres. It has a 604mm scale length with a spruce soundboard and Madagascan rosewood back and sides.

The peghed tuners are custom-made and are as close as possible to the appearance of ebony pegs from that era.

It is an absolute delight to play and has its own custom-made (by me) hard-case.

As you see, this instrument is in the early stages of its build. I'm developing my own version of an original design by a luthier in the USA with whom I'm collaborating throughout the project. I love the different shape of the body but really have no idea as to how it will sound! The design is evolving as I progress and I'm having to alter plans and ideas along the way. I'll update this page regularly to record developments. Stay tuned!

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